Illinois attorney general candidates address disabled

Illinois attorney general candidates address disabled

By Kevin Beese Staff reporter — February 20, 2018

Democratic candidates running for Illinois attorney general shared their qualifications and plans with members of the disabled community during a forum Feb. 9.

The disabled community makes up more than 10 percent of the state’s population but advocates say that when taking parents, spouses and other advocates for the disabled into account, between 30 and 40 percent of the state’s population are impacted by issues affecting the disabled.

Speaking at Access Living Chicago on Friday, seven of the eight Democratic candidates for attorney general courted votes from individuals with ties to the disabled community. State Rep. Scott Drury was not present.


Sharon Fairley said she looks forward to working with the disabled community to address their needs and concerns.

She noted that she is a lawyer, mom and concerned Democrat, who has been a longtime supporter of initiatives in the Chicago area for individuals with disabilities, especially the YMCA, which runs a camp program for children and young adults with spina bifida.

“As chief administrator of the Independent Police Review Authority, I enacted protocols to ensure persons with disabilities were able to file complaints with the agency and that those complaints were acted on immediately and with care,” Fairley said. “I also made several similar recommendations to the Chicago Police Department regarding how people with disabilities, particularly individuals with mental health concerns, are treated.

“I stand here as a strong advocate of the concerns that you have and want to be in a position to stand up for your rights, your health and your well-being.”