Sharon Fairley calls on state Senator Kwame Raoul to return $85,000 in contributions from Senate President John Cullerton

Illinois Attorney General candidate, Sharon Fairley, is calling on state Senator Kwame Raoul to return $85,000 in campaign contributions from Senate President John Cullerton, citing his support for disgraced state Senator Ira Silverstein and a complete lack of transparency on sexual harassment allegations in his caucus. 

“Kwame Raoul states on his website he ‘believes that it is paramount to make sure that anybody who is victimized or feels victimized by sexual misconduct is protected,’” said Fairley. “He did nothing to protect women working in Springfield as a state senator, allowing the legislative inspector general’s office to sit vacant for three years, and now his campaign for attorney general is heavily financed by Senate President Cullerton, a man who is enabling the state senate’s most notorious harasser.”

According to a NBC Chicago article last week, Cullerton’s caucus “will not be releasing a list of harassment or retaliation complaints anytime soon.” A few days prior, the Chicago Tribune called out Cullerton for “writing generous checks of at least $115,400 from his campaign fund to support Silverstein.” The legislative inspector general - after finally receiving an appointment - found Silverstein’s behavior with a female lobbyist “unbecoming of a legislator.”  

According to the Illinois State Board of Elections, Raoul’s campaign for attorney general has reported receiving $85,000 in contributions and loans from Citizens for John Cullerton and another several thousand dollars in in-kind contributions for the use of Cullerton’s office space. 

“If elected, Senator Raoul would be indebted to one of the most powerful politicians in Illinois on Day One of his administration,” Fairley continued, “He is an individual who could be the subject of a future ethics investigations conducted by the attorney general. We need an independent and experienced attorney general to restore trust in our state government."