Sharon Fairley Issues Statement on Rauner Hand-Picking Attorney General Candidate

If Illinois residents didn’t know the real Gov. Bruce Rauner before today’s editorial board session at the Chicago Tribune, they do now. His definition of "shaking up Springfield" is putting constitutional officers in place who will do his bidding. We saw that with the appointment of Leslie Munger to the comptroller’s office and now Rauner admits to hand-picking Republican candidate Erika Harold to be his attorney general - instead of the top advocate for the people of Illinois. It seems that demanding loyalty from government officials who, by law, are supposed to be independent, has become a Republican hallmark.

Illinois citizens deserve better than having to choose between hand-picked candidates supported by political insiders, billionaires and special interests. We need an attorney general who is qualified, experienced, and independent - not one who was put in office to further the selfish and ill-formed goals of leaders who have failed to take Illinois in a positive direction.