Illinois Attorney General Candidate Sharon Fairley Issues Statement Calling For Forrest Claypool To Step Down

CPS CEO Needs To Step Down To Restore The Public’s Trust

As a former First Deputy Inspector General, and current candidate for the office of Illinois Attorney General, I firmly believe people who work in government, whether elected or appointed, have a responsibility to protect the public's trust.  

Whether a public official has a "sterling reputation,” where there’s evidence an official may have made a concerted effort to circumvent ethics policy, public trust is clearly undermined. 

What is disheartening to the taxpayer about these findings is that this current CEO was brought in to head CPS after it was discovered that his predecessor took part in a plan to direct contracts to a former employer in exchange for payment upon her departure.  This really calls us to question what kind of culture exists within CPS leadership.  

Meanwhile, the CPS leadership continues to expect us to blindly accept the decisions they make about how best to educate the children of Chicago. Currently, four Englewood high schools are on the chopping block due to the dwindling student populations at these neighborhood schools.

As a responsible public official, Mr. Claypool must recognize that it is in the best interests of CPS and the City that he steps down from his post. That is the only way forward.

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