Editorial: Democrat for Illinois Attorney General: Fairley

But if, like us, you want an attorney general without ties to the political class in Illinois, who has a record of going after government corruption and working aggressively but collaboratively to address it, Ms. Fairley gets the edge.

She also has worked in the office as an assistant attorney general and served eight years as a federal prosecutor. As AG, she says she would work to give teeth to the state Ethics Commission and Legislative Inspector General’s office. And she has the record to suggest she can get it done.

Endorsement: Fairley for Democratic nomination for state attorney general

Former assistant Illinois attorney general Sharon Fairley, of Chicago, brings an uncommonly broad range of legal and administrative experience. She was first deputy inspector general and general counsel for the Illinois Office of Inspector General. She was chief administrator of Chicago's Civilian Office of Police Accountability. She has been an outspoken critic of Madigan, particularly in his handling of sexual harassment claims in his office. She is a smart, driven, no-nonsense leader who would add to the gravitas of the attorney general's office and help safeguard the interests of Illinois cit-izens.

Endorsement: Our Democratic choice for Illinois attorney general: Sharon Fairley

We like Fairley, we like her agenda, and we think she’s sufficiently driven to get it done. Fairley says she’ll create a government integrity bureau to root out state and local corruption, and will follow evidence no matter the clout obstructing her path. She has pledged to reject contributions from entities with matters under the jurisdiction of the attorney general; Raoul, by contrast, accepted money from tobacco interests that care deeply about government legislation and litigation settlements.

Sharon Fairley was crime-busting assistant U.S. attorney in Patrick Fitzgerald’s office

Chances are, when you go to vote in the March 20 primaries — early voting begins Feb. 21 — you won’t know who all the candidates are.

That’s understandable. There are dozens of them this year. Take, for intance, the Democratic primary for Illinois attorney general, in which eight candidates are vying for the chance to succeed four-term incumbent Democrat Lisa Madigan, who is stepping down.

Sharon Fairley: “I’m really concerned about the situation that our state faces right now”

As Rick Pearson continues his interviews with candidates for Democratic Attorney General, he speaks with Sharon Fairley. Sharon shares information about her experiences working with the city of Chicago, her dedication to continuously push for change, and much more.


Former COPA Chief Sharon Fairley On Her Run For Illinois Attorney General

Morning Shift is sitting down with all 10 candidates who want to replace Lisa Madigan as Illinois Attorney General to hear about their backgrounds, their platforms and their aspirations for the office. 

The field includes eight Democrats and two Republicans and features a state senator, a state rep, a former governor, a former federal prosecutor and more. Today on the show, Sharon Fairley stops by to discuss her run for the office.


Chicago.Suntimes.com - Will attorney general candidates focus on corruption?

“It is the public policy of this State that public bodies exist to aid in the conduct of the people’s business and that the people have a right to be informed as to the conduct of their business.”

– Illinois Open Meetings Act, 5 ILCS 120/1.

The excerpt above is what greets you when you go to the Illinois Attorney General’s Public Access Counselor page.

How apropos. And how timely.