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Fostering Government Integrity, Reform and Transparency

I’m proud to call myself an Illinoisan, but like many citizens I am embarrassed when I am asked by residents of other states about our former governor who went to jail and I have to ask, “Which one?”

I would seek to expand the ability of the office to focus on state and local government corruption in Illinois. There are several ways in which the office can play a more proactive role in rooting out and prosecuting government corruption.

  • Strengthen the office's existing Government Integrity Bureau to lead efforts in this area
  • Work to introduce revisions to the statute governing the Illinois Legislative Ethics Commission and Legislative Inspector General
  • Establish and publicize a complaint line for individuals to call to report allegations of misconduct by public officials or government agency employees
  • Coordinate with the state’s attorneys to ensure that any public corruption and police misconduct prosecutions in which the state’s attorney has a conflict of interest are referred to the office for prosecution to the extent permissible by law
  • Work with law enforcement to establish a state-wide public integrity task force to ensure that the local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies can coordinate activities and share strategies and tactics for investigating public corruption matters
  • Strengthen checks and balances to ensure that our state government operates with integrity and transparency
  • Make government open and transparent for citizens and help to meet its obligations under the Freedom of Information Act and the Open Meetings Act
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Promoting Public Safety

As the top attorney in the state, the Attorney General can and should be a strong advocate for smart criminal justice reform that is based not just on “tough on crime” rhetoric, but rather, is based on what actually works from a law enforcement perspective. The Attorney General can promote a legislative agenda for reforms that can help address the injustices inherent in our current systems that adversely affect the poor and people of color. We must address the issues of illegal firearms trafficking, bail reform and over-incarceration in a way that allows us to maintain public safety.

As an Assistant Attorney General, federal prosecutor, and Chief Administrator for the Civilian Office of Policy Accountability, I have seen how and when our justice system works well and where it needs improvement. I will use the Office of Attorney General to lead criminal justice reform that works for all communities in Illinois by:

  • Partnering with law enforcement to identify and implement proven crime-fighting strategies
  • Promoting public safety by helping to build and rebuild police/community relations
    • I am the only candidate that has in-depth experience in police accountability and reform and I have a very clear vision for what reforms are necessary to bring CPD forward and to rebuild trust with the community it serves. 
  • Implementing policies and a legislative agenda that delivers smart criminal justice reform that ensures constitutional policing, reduces prison populations and identifies equitable bail programs while maintaining public safety
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Protecting our Civil Rights, Health and Well-Being

Since finishing law school, I have spent my entire legal career representing the interests of the citizens of our state. I will be the only attorney that many Illinoisans will ever have, and that is an important responsibility. I will be dedicated to protecting the civil rights, health and well-being of our citizens by:

  • Pushing back on the external threats that seek to disenfranchise voters, workers, women, people of color, and the LGBTQ community
  • Ensuring our health by protecting our clean air and water and our state’s natural resources
  • Using the full force of the law to protect workers, homeowners, students and other Illinois consumers from abusive and exploitative business practices
  • Ensuring that our government and businesses have sufficient safeguards in place to protect us from cybersecurity breaches
  • Working to promote federal and state gun legislation that is based on research-driven policies — for example, requiring permits to purchase and banning violent criminals from purchasing firearms.