Although my campaign for Illinois Attorney General has come to an end, the values that our campaign brought to the table will continue to resonate. Your support and hard work helped us bring independence and integrity to the forefront of this race and drive many conversations that are often suppressed by the Democratic machine.

We were able to run a serious, issues-driven campaign that was also able to compete with well-financed and institutionally supported front-runners. In the end, loyalty, money, name recognition and insider politics were still more important factors than temperment, experience and qualifications.

We must continue to speak truth to power and hold all the Democratic nominees who prevailed tonight accountable for the promises they made in exchange for our votes.

I want to express my personal thanks to every Illinois voter and volunteer who supported our campaign tonight, and the friends, family and colleagues outside our state who helped with their time and personal financial support.

It was an amazing finish for us, given that we were outspent on television ads by at least six other candidates - by a factor of 15 to 1 in one case. They had millions, but I had your incredible support. It almost worked.

Please know that I will continue to fight for the values we share. As long as the inequalities of our political system continue to demand change, our collective voice will take shape anew with all of the power and tenacity that the challenge requires.