Another major endorsement (and some bad news)

Late last night, I learned that the Peoria Journal Star endorsed my campaign for attorney general. It was the fourth major newspaper in Illinois to select me as the most qualified, independent and experienced candidate for the office.

Their editorial board believes that I am the candidate who "combines administrative experience with political fearlessness, who brags an independence permitted by owing no one."

I am once again humbled by the kind and inspiring words of a respected Illinois newspaper. But here's the bad news:

My opponents - already no boy scouts when it comes to campaign donations - are further loosening their ethical standards in these finals days of the campaign.

Career politician Pat Quinn is trying to sneak into this office on name recognition alone - and just received $200,000 from a single donor who benefits from our broken property tax assessment system.

Senator Kwame Raoul has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from a tobacco billionaire, corporations and utility companies to pay for his multimillion dollar ad blitz. He has received a $40,000 loan from one of the state's most powerful political leaders - he will be literally indebted to him on Day One as attorney general.

To fight all this insider dealing, I have you. The election is in 13 days. If you agree with the Journal StarSun-TimesTribune, and Daily Herald that I am the best candidate, will you help me with a contribution to help me spread the word?