My next policy proposal: Police Reform

While my opponents for the Democratic nomination for Illinois Attorney General spend their time chasing contributions from utility companies and special interests, I have been working diligently to develop the most comprehensive policy proposals of any candidate in this race.

If you peruse the websites of those candidates you'll see that their issues pages - for those that bother to post anything - are light on details. This is intentional; political consultants advise their candidates that in-depth policy proposals are a liability and can only expose them to attacks.

I'm not afraid to put pencil to paper and steer the conversation towards the crucial issues facing our state. My latest policy paper is a call for police use of force reform and accountability.

As attorney general, I will establish a Public Safety Bureau in the office to:

1) Identify and implement evidence-based crime fighting strategies;
2) Foster improved accountability and community engagement for law enforcement statewide; and
3) Pursue smart criminal justice reform that will address overincarceration and bail reform

Like my recent anti-corruption and government integrity proposal, there is much greater depth than just a few bullet points. Please take the time to read through my police reform plan, and share it with your networks to help us elect an attorney general who has a real plan for this office.