The results in Alabama on Tuesday have me fired up. We get to send a progressive Democrat from Alabama to Congress, and we have the African American community - in particular Black women - to thank for that. They voted overwhelmingly in support of integrity and character and showed our country what can happen when we reach out to and motivate long-overlooked constituencies.

Unfortunately, women of color are not well represented in higher elected offices across the nation. There has never been a Black female governor, there is only one current Black woman U.S. Senator, and there are no Black female attorneys general.  

Our campaign put together a video highlighting these facts, and I wanted to share it with you.

I really enjoyed working on this web video, but this is about so much more than my campaign for attorney general. We need leaders who can inspire the voters that will help us rebuild our politics in 2018 and beyond - and we need to support them when they run.