Qualified & Ready

Sharon has been a candidate for Attorney General for three weeks and it's been exciting to work by her side as she meets voters and starts to put together a winning campaign. In this time one thing has been made clear: Sharon's long record as a public servant fighting for Illinoisans, her commitment to the safety and security of all Illinois residents, and her conviction to stand strong against the Trump and Rauner administrations is resonating. The enthusiasm for her campaign is inspiring.

Recently featured in the Chicago DefenderSharon had the opportunity to make her case as to why she's the most qualified candidate in the race (and she is!) Also, during this interview, Sharon gave us a little more insight into her background and told the amazing story of how her grandmother graduated from Oberlin College in 1923 with a degree in statistics! She must have been quite the role model for African-American women during that time.

Courage, dedication, perseverance, and a never quit attitude are clearly important values in Sharon's family. During her career as an attorney, she has fought for justice for the victims of crime as a federal prosecutor, worked for the watchdog investigating corruption and government waste, and brought real accountability to the Chicago Police Department. The people of Illinois have seen her bring these values to work for them day-in and day-out and you can expect nothing less from this campaign.

But to ensure that we can get Sharon's message out we need your help.

If you haven't done so yet, check out our campaign updates, follow and share Sharon's posts on Facebook and Twitter, and help us expand our reach to your friends and neighbors across Illinois.

Jalakoi Solomon
Deputy Campaign Manager